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Information Technology

IT suppliers


IBM is the Official Information Technology Supplier and Consultant to The Championships.
IDS – works with IBM to provide TV graphics and information systems, radar speed displays and in-ground information on video screens.
Flightscope – provides the Referee’s systems to the Club, including electronic scoreboards on some non-show courts.
IDentilam – supplies the accreditation system.
First Sports International – provides the system which supports our press, photographers and player's desk applications.
Uniware – supplies the catering system used at The Championships.
Creative Technology – Supplies large video screens on Centre Court, No.1 Court, Court 2, Court 3 and around the Grounds and IBM operations rooms.
Hawk-Eye – Line calling system run on Centre & No.1 Court, Court 2 and Court 3.
Touchstone CTA – Provides the Club’s Transport booking system.

TV graphics

  • Tailor-made TV graphics service for BBC and international TV giving on-screen information relayed to hundreds of millions of homes around the world.
  • Provides key match facts, player biographies, statistics and scores straight to viewers’ screens.

Courtside data entry

  • Point by point information collated and entered by dedicated operators during each match.
  • Match statistics collected on all courts.
  • Show Court data entered on to Lenovo ThinkPad laptop using specially designed tennis keypads. The laptops are linked directly to servers at heart of the Wimbledon Information System.

IBM speed of serve

  • First used on Centre Court in 1991.
  • Used to measure service speed. Information supplied to press and commentators.
  • Uses two specially designed radar sensors positioned behind baseline at both ends of the court.
  • 1997 — first use of gun on No.1 Court.
  • 1999 — displays for spectators installed on Centre and No.1 Courts.
  • 2001 — radar guns and displays extended to No.2 Court and Court 18.
  • 2002 — radar guns and displays extended to Courts 3 and 12.

Wimbledon Information System

  • An advanced multi-media system designed and developed by IBM in conjunction with the Club, providing information on this and previous Championships. It contains the draws, order of play, point by point scores, biographies/statistics for players, commentators, public, media and officials. First used 1999, WIS replaced an earlier 1993 system.
  • Printouts are available including a full range of statistics (for all singles matches), including forehand/backhand winners, aces, direction/speed of serve and unforced errors.
  • Provides a separate commentators’ screen, which presents a tailored view of the match and statistics.


  • Website launched in 1995. Website re-launched in 2012.
  • 15.6 million unique users logged on to the Wimbledon website during 2011 event. All-time Grand Slam record.
  • Live up-to-the-minute point-by-point scoreboards during play.
  • Live broadcasts of Live @ Wimbledon, The Championships' official radio and web tv channel.
  • Panoramic views of Centre Court, No.1 Court as well as of the Grounds.
  • Daily previews, news and reviews of play, audio interviews and post match interview transcripts, video clips on demand of player interviews, up-to-the-minute information on players, the draw, results, plus the daily order of play as soon as it is published.
  • Online shopping for a selection of officially licensed Wimbledon products including clothing, towels, bags, accessories and souvenirs.
  • Applications on iPhone and Android. New iPad app launched in 2013. Mobile website re-launched in 2013.

Referees Office System

  • Supports the Referee’s office and incorporates entries, draws, match scheduling, results and prize money. Also assists in scheduling officials for matches.
  • Hand-held computer score-pads are connected to the central systems to provide immediate scores. First introduced in 1999, these were used by the umpires in 2001.

Transport System

  • Takes bookings from players and other accredited users for journeys to and from authorised locations (eg. player hotels, Qualifying and the Club). Tracks vehicles at start and end of journeys.
  • Maintains records of passengers and journeys made and provides statistical analysis of the service.

Video Screens on Centre and No.1 Court

  • Introduced in 2008, video screens replaced the scoreboards on Centre and No.1 Court, Court 2 and Court 3. As well as showing scores, they provide player profiles, Hawk-Eye and occasional video clips as appropriate.

Facts and figures

  • IBM employs more than 150 people during The Championships.
  • Over 35 miles of cabling installed (equivalent to length of 2,360 tennis courts).
  • Approximately 1800 keystrokes are performed per match providing about 400 statistics per player per match.
  • More than 140 countries rely on the statistical output, as well as around 1000 journalists on site at The Championships.
  • Data from Wimbledon is relayed to hundreds of millions of homes around the world, via TV or the Internet.
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