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2015 Seat and Ground Ticket Prices (£) 

Please click here to see the 2015 ticket prices

Obtaining tickets in advance - the Ballot

  • Owing to huge demand for Wimbledon tickets, the Public Ballot (since 1924) is still regarded as the fairest way to distribute Show Court tickets.  Open to everyone and has always been substantially oversubscribed.

  • The main proportion of Centre, No.1, No.2 and No.3 tickets is available to the public via the annual Public Ballot and the various allocations administered by the LTA.  

  • See Ballot for more information.

Onsite daily ticket sales - the Queue

Wimbledon is about the only major UK sports event for which premium tickets can be bought on the day. 

Each day, a certain number of tickets are specifically reserved for sale at the turnstiles as follows:

  • Centre Court- Approximately 500 tickets for reserved seats are available each day at the turnstiles EXCEPT for the last four days on Centre Court which are pre-sold.  Tickets are not sold on the day for the last four days because of the inherent control and safety problems associated with very large crowds in a residential area for that length of time.  Policy introduced (1982) at request of local residents when first Sunday finish scheduled.

  • No.1 Court - approximately 500 tickets are available each day at the turnstiles.

  • No.2 Court - approximately 500 tickets are available each day at the turnstiles only for as many days as a full programme of matches can be maintained.

  • Grounds- several thousand tickets are available each day at the turnstiles entitling use of the unreserved seating and standing room on Courts No.3-19. Grounds Passes bought at the turnstiles allow spectators access to top class action on courts 3-19.  In 2014, a total of 104,271 were sold, representing 21% of Wimbledon’s total gate of 491,084.

  • Actual number sold each day will depend on the number of people already in the Grounds, the number of courts in play and the weather.  

Online daily ticket sales

  • Several hundred Centre and No.3 Court tickets will be sold on the day before play via Ticketmaster.  Details will be communicated initially to those people who have registered for regular Wimbledon e-mail newsletters.
  • On sale at 9am.
  • NB As The Championships are a hugely popular and over-subscribed event, these tickets often sell out almost immediately after going on sale.

Other allocations

  • Tickets are also allocated amongst others to Schools Tennis, British Tennis Membership, overseas tennis federations/associations for distribution to their affiliated clubs etc and other organisations with special claims, eg the two player associations. AELTC Members and LTA Councillors are able to purchase a limited number of tickets. 
  • 2,500 Debenture seats on Centre Court and 1,000 on No.1 Court. See Debentures for more information.

Hospitality - individual, corporate, AELTC and official licensed agents

  • Less than 10% of Centre and No.1 Court tickets are allocated to all forms of hospitality
  • These tickets are available only through the AELTC and its official licensed agents Keith Prowse and Sportsworld.
  • The money generated by such hospitality is a valuable element of the annual surplus that is reinvested in tennis by the LTA and helps to subsidise other tickets.

Ticket distribution

  • Demand for Wimbledon tickets has exceeded supply for much of The Championships’ history. 
  • Wimbledon’s policy has always been to ensure that in allocating tickets a fair and equitable balance is achieved between all elements.  Current policy is based on the following principles:
    • Number of tickets allocated to the public should be protected.
    • Even though all tickets could be sold in advance, a number of prime tickets from the public allocation should be reserved and made available for sale on the day.
    • Debentures offered so as to fund the continual upgrading of the facilities.
    • Less than 10% of Centre/No.1 Court seats reserved for the official hospitality market. 
    • Money raised from all ticket sales contributes to the surplus that is passed annually to The Lawn Tennis Association for investment in the British game.
  • The existing allocations represent a fair balance of all interests.  In 2014, these were:






Includes the annual Public Ballot, tennis players/members in LTA-affiliated tennis clubs across Great Britain Schools, and on-day sales.




Introduced in 1922 to finance the purchase of the new ground in Church Road.  Money raised from Debentures has enabled facilities at The Championships to be improved without reducing the annual surplus passed to the LTA.




Hospitality, both private and corporate, is provided by the AELTC and its official licensed agents.




Schools, players, press, LTA Council, photographers and television, Royal Box, officials, AELTC members, overseas tennis associations, etc.







Resale of used tickets

  • Every effort is made to ensure that seat tickets that are no longer needed are made available for resale from the Ticket Resale Kiosk to people already within the Grounds.  Original ticket holders are asked to put unwanted tickets in special red boxes for collection by the Honorary Stewards or, if wishing to retain them as souvenirs, to have the barcodes scanned on leaving the Grounds so that a new ticket may be generated. 
  • Since 1954, money raised from returned tickets has been donated to charity.  In the last 10 years over £1 million has been raised, including the total of £157,500 (net of VAT) raised in 2014. 
  • In 2015, the entire proceeds will be donated via the Wimbledon Foundation, which has been established as the charity of the All England Lawn Tennis Club and supports causes such as local and services’ charities.
  • HSBC, the Official Bank of The Championships, Wimbledon, has generously agreed to donate in 2015 a sum equal to the total amount raised by the ticket resale scheme.

Cancellation of Play due to Rain – Ticket Refund Policy

  • Applies to all 13 scheduled days of The Championships, including the final Sunday.
  1. If there is less than one hour's play because of rain on the court for which tickets have been bought, the original purchasers of the tickets for that court on that day will be refunded the amount paid for those tickets - the maximum refund payable will be the face value of the tickets for the day concerned.
  2. Purchasers of Grounds Passes at the turnstiles (except those purchased after 5pm.) will be eligible for a full refund if, due to rain, the average amount of play on those courts  accessible with a Grounds Pass  and for which play was originally scheduled is less than one hour.
  3. If more than one hour's play, but less than two hours' play, refunds limited to half the amount paid.
  4. The Referee's decision on how much play has taken place will be final.
  5. Only the original purchasers are eligible for refunds under this policy.  Refunds will be paid out automatically for tickets bought in advance, but tickets bought at the turnstiles (prior to 5pm only) should be returned to: The Ticket Office, AELTC, "Raincheck", PO Box 98, London SW19 5AE. 
  6. In view of the numbers that could be involved spectators are asked not to call at the AELTC's Ticket Office or telephone the AELTC.
  7. Tickets purchased at the Ticket Resale kiosk are not covered by this policy as the monies are passed to charity.
  8. Separate terms and conditions apply a) to Debenture Holders as notified by The All England Lawn Tennis Ground plc and b) any extra days of play.

Important note:

Refunds are calculated as defined above and using the Referee’s record of how much play has taken place on any given day. It is this official figure which determines whether or not customers are entitled to refunds, rather than the amount of play which an individual spectator may have seen.

Anti-tout measures

  • In September 1990 measures introduced to minimise the black market sale of tickets:
    • To prevent tickets destined for tennis fans from being redirected to the highest bidder.
    • To curb the black market in Wimbledon tickets, particularly with regard to unofficial corporate hospitality companies who acquire tickets from this source.
  • Under these conditions all Wimbledon tickets, apart from Debentures which are clearly marked, will only be valid if sold either by AELTC or by one of its licensed and authorised agents.  Unauthorised sale or transfer of tickets immediately invalidates them.
  • The AELTC takes active steps to monitor and control sales including those made via shops and internet sites.  Sellers of non-Debenture tickets contacted and injunctions taken out for non cooperation/action contrary to the AELTC’s ticket policy. 
  • Where the details of tickets being advertised for sale are known, the tickets are cancelled meaning that the purchasers will not gain entry to The Championships.
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