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Petra Kvitova pre-Wimbledon

Sunday 24 June 2012

Q. Being the defending champion this year, how does that alter your mindset and preparing coming into Wimbledon?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I think I'm trying to not thinking about the defend the title here, but I'm sure it's come to my mind when I step on the court.
Yeah, I mean, the preparation isn't very well as we would like to have the schedule and the last year. Yeah, I lost too early in the Eastbourne, but I practice here a few days more. I feel very well, and I can't wait to step on the court again.

Q. What sort of feeling is it to be here as the defending champion, and how does that affect your confidence?
PETRA KVITOVA: I'm very honored to be as a champion here. I mean, it's forever. You know, I think the pressure is here, for sure. I mean, I will try to not thinking about when I will be on the court and try to thinking about the points and about the match.
I mean, it's beautiful be back here and play on the grass again.

Q. But the confidence aspect of it, what does it do for your confidence?
PETRA KVITOVA: I will see when I step on the court for the first time.
But, yeah, I feel well. I did very well last year, so I will try to have a similar game as the last year.

Q. Do you think your preparation this year has been more difficult than it was last year then? Has it been more problems this year?
PETRA KVITOVA: I can't say that it's difficult. I played longer in Roland Garros, so I had some days off after this. Then in the Czech Republic was raining so I couldn't play outdoor. I played indoor.
Eastbourne was much better weather than last year, and this is important. I lost the first match, but anyway, I mean, it was the first match on the grass. It's not really perfect. So I will try to have a better play here, better game.

Q. Kim Clijsters is playing what may be her last Wimbledon. I'm wondering what you may know about her as a player, person? Do you recall watching her during her first career?
PETRA KVITOVA: For me Kim is very sympathetic girl. I mean, she had a hard work when she come back after the child.
Yeah, I mean, she's very good player. I think that we will missing her on the tour. She's good person.
I mean, yeah, she would like to finish her career and be with the family. So, yeah, it's her opinion.

Q. How much did you play on grass growing up? When did you start to think maybe it was going to be a good surface for you?
PETRA KVITOVA: In the Czech Republic I practice only indoor on the very fast surface and outdoor on the clay. My first game on the grass was when I played juniors, so I'm not sure which year was it.
Yeah, I remember that I won the Roehampton and then I lost in the round of the 16. It was nice to play on the grass for the first time and have a good results.
Yeah, I saw that I have a good game on the grass with the lefty serve and with the aggressive game.

Q. As defending champion, you're the number one target for every player. How does that change your attitude through the competition?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think after the Wimbledon change everything as a player. The tournaments after the players want to beat me for sure. It's same with me when I was 60, for example, and I had my best game against the top 10 players. So it's the same right now.
Yeah, this change little bit for me. It will be same here. I think that I will not surprised. (Smiling.)

Q. Your parents are going to be guests in the Royal Box for your first match. How excited are you about that and how excited are they?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I think for me it's very nice to have them here for the first match as the defending champion. For them it's I think honor, too, because my father was my coach until my 16. They travel with me a lot, so for them it's very nice, for sure.

Q. Is your dad going to cry or anything when he's in there, do you think?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think so (smiling).

Q. What do the Olympics mean to you? Do you have any special memories of having watched Olympic tennis?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I'm so happy that we have a longer season on the grass with the Olympic Games. I'm really looking forward to play by my country. I love to play by my country the Fed Cup. It will be very similar to play here on the Olympics.
It will be very strange and unique to play not with the white but in the colors of our countries and see the Wimbledon differently.
Yeah, I mean, for me the Olympics is the fifth Grand Slam, if I can say it. Yeah, it's big event, and I will try my best again.

Q. Do you have a special memory of seeing any Olympic matches that stand out?
PETRA KVITOVA: Not really.

Q. You talked about how much things have changed for you in the last year. In terms of your actual game, are you able to notice things that are changing within your actual game?
PETRA KVITOVA: I'm not sure. I will try to play same game as last year and be aggressive little bit, because it's really especially with the grass, and I will try it again.
I think as a player I changed for sure. I have to improve everything still and be better player.

Q. Can you explain to us about how your life changed in the last 12 months by being a Wimbledon champion? Do you get better service in restaurants?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I think that inside I'm still same person as before the Wimbledon and I'm trying to be still same.
I think, everything, it's from the other side. I'm more celebrate in Czech and in the world. The people recognize me everywhere. In the beginning was very strange for me. Now it's much better and I know that it's part of our life, so I'm okay.

Q. To what degree do you like it and to what degree do you find it something you don't like, being such a celebrity?
PETRA KVITOVA: Actually, I'm not signing [sic] the two sides. I mean, I'm not thinking about what it's good for me and what it's not. I mean, that's part, and I'm trying to not thinking about it and just do it.

Q. You said a while ago you were quite pleased the grass court season was being extended this year because of the Olympics. Would you like to see more grass court tournaments every year?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, for me, for sure. I like to play on the grass. It's my favorite surface. So for me, why not? Yeah, for sure.

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