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Kei Nishikori - first round

Tuesday 26 June 2012

K. NISHIKORI/M. Kukushkin

7‑5, 6‑3, 6‑4

Q. How did it feel to be back on court after a few months with injury?
KEI NISHIKORI: It was good, actually. It was a little up and down. I was up 2 Love, and he came back. That kind of stuff, you know, it happened couple times this match, but I finished strong. It was good, the match.

Q. Did you have any nerves beforehand after being out for a while and worried how you might come back?
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, I was. I was nervous. You know, it's always tough to play first match when you come back. It took two months to heal my injuries, so I was worried, but played a couple exhibition matches last week, and I think that helps.

Q. Was it a bit of a hard process to come back on grass, especially, in your first match?
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah. It's, you know, Grand Slam, too. So it was hard to decide, but, I mean, my injury is getting better now, and it's only time I could come back.
So I tried to play Halle two weeks, but I couldn't. So, I mean, nothing I can do. So I tried this tournament. It's first tournament to be back, but I try.

Q. First ever win at Wimbledon. It must be a great moment.
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, true. Yeah, it is a big win for me, and especially I came back from injury and it's this one means a lot to me.

Q. You had a great run in Australia. Is it in your mind that you could emulate that run here, do the same again?
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah, for sure. I got a little confidence from Australia, to be top 20, I get seeded first time here. So I have, you know, a lot of confidence.

Q. You called for treatment at one point during the match today. What was the problem?
KEI NISHIKORI: Yeah. I twisted my ankle a little bit, and my knee was bothering me a little bit. But now it's fine.

Q. It won't affect your second round? You'll be able to play okay?
KEI NISHIKORI: I don't think so. Hopefully not.

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