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Petra Kvitova - third round

Saturday 30 June 2012

P. KVITOVA/V. Lepchenko

6‑1, 6‑0

Q. That looked like a fairly comfortable win for you. How did you feel out there?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I felt well. I remember what I had to play when I played against her in Roland Garros, so I knew that I have to play my game again and hold good my serve.
The score look easy, but some rally were good, yeah.

Q. What are your thoughts on playing Francesca in the next round and how is her game a challenge?
PETRA KVITOVA: We played two times already this year on the clay and hard court. So, yeah, missing the grass. It's the challenge for us.
Yeah, I think she can play well on the grass because she has a good very good slice from the backhand. She's trying going to net.
So I think it will be tough match for me.

Q. What carries over from last year for you as far as the confidence when you step on the court this year?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, maybe it's a little bit confidence is there. But I like to play on grass, here especially. Am trying to be focused on my game. It's nice that I know I can play here very well.
Yeah, I'm glad.

Q. You've been up and down all year trying to find your game, getting hurt, playing well, not playing well. When you arrived here this week, did you think that it was your time again?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, when I came here, it wasn't like you said that I'm really confident to play on the grass because I lost my first match in the Eastbourne and I played so bad. So that's why I didn't think that I can like really in short time to get ready to have a good game on the grass.
But, yeah, every round when I played it's better, so I hope that I find myself already.

Q. What is the most important thing for you to be confident in yourself, really confident?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think, you know, it's just on the grass especially you needs to find your shots to feeling on the grass, the moving. For me the important thing is serve.

Q. Do you feel in better form this year than last year?
PETRA KVITOVA: Not yet (laughter).
No, I mean, yeah, I'm feeling very well on the court, but I think last year was the seven matches when I played unbelievable.
This year it's still a very open tournament. I mean, yeah, I played well so far in the last two rounds. The first round was really nerves. I will try to have a better game next round.

Q. Over the last year, after you won Wimbledon, have you found that because you're a Grand Slam champion that the players who come on court against you thought you're a big target and that they maybe played with more intensity against you?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I think it's could be, because, you know, I remember when I was around 60 spot in the ranking, it was the same with me when I went to big stadium against big, top players. I play my best and try to beat her.
So I think that it's really similar because they don't have a lot to lose. I think they changed, too.

Q. So does that force you to be more consistent and more focused because now you're not going to get any more easy matches?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I think so. I think like two years or one year ago I had a really, really low my standard. I played so well or so badly.
So I think that after one year it's improve and my standard, it's a little bit higher, so I think this helps.

Q. Who would you prefer to avoid as the competition progresses?
PETRA KVITOVA: Here? I don't know actually. I mean, it's lot of players who is playing very well, so I think it's really tough to say only one name.

Q. Is your back injury okay and are you concerned about it?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I hope so. I had lot of treatments yesterday. Not yet today, but I'm coming there.
Yeah, I had actually Advil, too, just in case, because in the last match I didn't feel it the beginning of the match but in the end. So that's why I took it, for just make sure.
Yeah, it was better than last match, so I hope that it's gone.

Q. When you're serving it does not hurt you?
PETRA KVITOVA: No, not today.

Q. How much have you seen video of winning last year? When you have seen it, what has gone through your mind?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I mean, after Wimbledon last year I saw it many times. It was so nice to see then the feelings. It was so emotional when I saw it after. Actually, I didn't cry.
But, yeah, it was so nice to know that I can do it, the feelings about the nice memories.

Q. When was the last time that you were able to see that video and what specifically did you feel then?
PETRA KVITOVA: I'm not sure. I don't remember actually when was the last time. Actually, I saw some videos from the last year before the Wimbledon this year, but not the final.

Q. When you had those emotions as you watched it and had that good feeling, what seemed like the toughest thing from last year that you had to overcome to win?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think that last year I played so well, and it's really tough to get on the same game level as this year. So I think it's really tough, you know, to still look back and learn from the last year, because now it's different tournament. After one year it's a lot of changes.

Q. Does it seem like a year ago or longer?
PETRA KVITOVA: Shorter, I think.

Q. Why?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think after Wimbledon is lot of changes in my life and it's going too quick, so I need more hours in the day.

Q. Last year you say you played really well throughout the tournament. This year you lost at Eastbourne and you're getting better in each round. Do you think you're getting stronger and you'll peak at the right time, as it were, for the final?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I think for me it's important to have some matches on the grass, some more days to practice on the grass. Yeah, maybe that's why it's really improve every round. I'm glad to have a way like this.

Q. Last year when you won the tournament, did you find that you were playing so well that you didn't have to think so much on court, and that this year is a little bit different where maybe you don't play out of instinct and you're forced to think?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think that every tournament is different, and the first round it's always same, that you can't like be ready for the opponent in the first round really. Not very nice to play for us.
But, yeah, I think that now sometimes when you are feeling very well you don't have to thinking about the forehand and the backhand; you have to be on the court and thinking about the tactics.
But sometimes if you are not playing that well, you are not that confident, you have to find and improve in the practice.

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