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Daniel Nestor and Kristina Mladenovic - Mixed Doubles Final

Sunday 7 July 2013

Daniel Nestor and Kristina Mladenovic talk to the media after defeating Lisa Raymond and Bruno Soares 5 7, 6 2, 8 6 to win the mixed doubles title. 

Q. Never in doubt, right?
DANIEL NESTOR: Never in doubt. We were playing rope a dope the whole time.
No, I mean, our opponents at the French told us they were lucky to win. I think we were a little lucky today. Maybe a little justice.

Q. A little surprised on the two match points on your serve that the returns didn't come back?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: Well, first was a good first serve, and then I had this advantage side on Bruno. I just missed a little the first serve.
And second, I was almost all the match trying to go slice to body serve. I just tried a big wide.
He almost did great, like the previous one, touching the net and made it a winner. But, yeah, this one just stayed in the net.
Yeah, I was surprised. He had the right decision going down the line but just didn't make it, so we were happy for that.

Q. Why wasn't your partner guarding the line?
DANIEL NESTOR: We called the poach, so we were very lucky. He knew what we were doing. Just missed by a little bit. Game of inches.

Q. Were you watching the men's final before?
DANIEL NESTOR: Yeah. It was obviously a great match, great atmosphere. We knew that people would pretty much leave after that match.
We were happy there were some people. It wasn't bad.
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: There were some there.

Q. How did you feel having Marion there?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: Marion? It's a lot of fun. Like we talk to each other before the end of the tournament and say we're going to try to support each other because we are like the last French in the tournament.
I'm very happy she could come because, you know, there is a ball tonight and she obviously has to prepare and dress up which, you know, is really nice of her to have come and support us.
She's a good friend actually.

Q. Are you going to the ball as well?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: Yes. He's really happy to go. You know, we dress up with his wife earlier today, choosing the dress.
DANIEL NESTOR: They were choosing the outfits before the match. I'm like, Stay focused.

Q. Is it happening already?
DANIEL NESTOR: Andy is still up there signing autographs. It's not going to happen for a while.

Q. How would each of you sum up your success and why you play well together?
DANIEL NESTOR: I like playing with girls that hit big and are aggressive because I'm pretty slow. I'm not going to be the one covering more than half the court, which happens sometimes in mixed doubles.
I'm fortunate to play with someone that can more than do her share. She's a great player. She's going to be one of the top singles players eventually. Right now I'm catching her while she's maybe not winning four or five matches in singles. She's winning two or three, so hopefully that will change for her.
Right now, you know, she's focusing on doubles and mixed. I think that will change one day. I caught her at the right time.

Q. Why do you think you work well together?
KRISTINA MLADENOVIC: Yeah, it's amazing result. We just played twice and made both final and winning today. Daniel is such a good player. He has lot of experience.
I try to do my job, and he's helping me a lot at the net. I think we play good at important moment. Many matches we manage to get through tough ones. You know, it's just great. It's going really well.
I'm going to say in front of you again, I'm really happy to play with him. It's such an honor. He's such a big player in doubles. He won almost everything. We talk that he hasn't won everything in mixed doubles. Because he won everything in men's doubles, everything. Not yet in mixed.

Q. Daniel, speaking of winning everything in doubles, what do you think about the Bryans?
DANIEL NESTOR: I mean, what they're doing is unbelievable. They're obviously the best team of all time, the most successful team of all time. It's been fun playing against them for many years.
You know, I think there's been a lot of switching around in men's doubles. Men's doubles teams haven't been committed enough to each other. They're obviously taking advantage of that. I don't think we should take away anything they've done.
They've beaten all the best teams over the years so they're more than deserving of what's been going on.

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