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Li Na first round

Monday 23 June 2014

Li Na's media conference following her victory over Poland's Paula Kania, 7-5, 7-2.

Q. How much did you know about your opponent before today?

LI NA: Zero. I will try to find something on the Internet, but I cannot.

Two or three days ago I was practice with another player, and her coach say, I think she has good forehand. I start to play her backhand today, and she didn't miss one shot.

So I think I need to talk to the guy later, yeah (smiling).

Q. How relieved are you to win the match and get one grass match under your belt?

LI NA: You know, even I was come here one week earlier. But even I was try to play some point with other player. But is different for the match.

When you come to the court, you know, the tension is over there. Also doesn't matter how you play so well in practice, if you come to the match, you still feeling nervous. Doesn't matter how long you been on the tour because you never know what happen on the first match on the court.

So even today I was a little bit, how you say, little bit down in the first set. I say, Okay, just keep. Otherwise worse thing for me is like French Open.

Q. What have you been doing since the French Open?

LI NA: I take 10 days off.

Q. No racquet?

LI NA: No racquet. No racquet, no physio. Just stay with my friend and take a vacation.

Q. How did that feel?

LI NA: Pretty good. After vacation I was feeling more fresh, you know, because I was feeling during the French Open the pressure is already there. I cannot handle it anymore.

Q. Why did you feel the pressure? I know when you spoke at the French Open after that match, you said you didn't know why you felt the way that you felt on court. Do you now know why?

LI NA: Yeah, I think, you know, if you have a high ranking in there, you always wish you can doing well. Also another player, if they play against you, for them is nothing to lose, you know. So they just come to the court, try to play their best.

For me, I was feeling, even come to the clay court, already miss something, already two tournament in a row. Especially come to Paris, I really wish I can doing well. So maybe I put a lot of pressure for myself.

Q. Earlier in the year you said you have a special relationship with your racquets.

LI NA: Yeah.

Q. So when you left them and didn't pick them up for weeks, were they pissed? Did they say, Why did you do that?

LI NA: They need a vacation, as well. I'm sure. They cannot see me every day, 24 hours.

Q. They get tired of you?

LI NA: Yeah, of course. So I think I need to take time to take the vacation to think about what I should do in the future. And also the racquet, they have the choice, as well, you know, yeah.

Q. This is the one major where you don't have the best results. Semifinals everywhere else, or winning. Why do you think that is?

LI NA: I never think I can play well in the grass court. Because for me it's tough. I think for everyone it's tough. Because only one month for whole the year we can play in the grass court.

Also we cannot training in the grass. Is a little bit special. Pretty close French Open, Wimbledon, only two weeks. Very tough for me to change the surface, yeah.

Q. So then do you feel there's less pressure here on you at Wimbledon than maybe the French because you had won the French? Do you feel the same amount of pressure as in Paris or less?

LI NA: You know, depends what I'm thinking about. If I feel or if I put lot of pressure for myself, of course, I can feel lot of pressure. If I don't care what other people say, just take it away, just do what I think, right thing, yeah.

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