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Petra Kvitova second round

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Petra Kvitova speaks to the media following her 6-2, 6-0 victory over Germany's Mona Barthel

Q.  So very good performance.  Must be pleased with how you're playing so far.

PETRA KVITOVA:  Yeah, definitely I am.  I mean, I playing good match today, and my first round as well.

It's not easy to play the first round of a Grand Slam, but, yeah, I felt pretty confident on the court.  I'm just glad that it's just two sets.

Q.  Over the last year you seem to have played three sets every match.  How important is it early in the Grand Slams to keep it quick?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Of course that it's nice.  I mean, if I lost some set during the match I going to fight and play three of course.

But still, it's nice to just be done in two.  Of course, for example, for my leg and for my body it's much better to play only two.

Q.  When did you start realizing you were playing a lot of three-set matches?

PETRA KVITOVA:  I don't know.

Q.  When did it really sort of kick in?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Maybe when I was about the record, somewhere like that.  I don't remember when, but I know that I got nickname, so that was pretty nice.

Q.  Which was?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Petra, but no E but 3. (P3tra.)

Q.  You like that?

PETRA KVITOVA:  It's funny.  I prefer just to have a two over there, but still.

Q.  What about Venus next round?  How do you see that?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Yeah, I just find out straight after my match.  She's big champion here as well.  She likes to play on the grass, and I'm totally the same.

I'm looking forward for this match.  I think it's going to be great fight.  Of course we played in Doha I think, and in then Tokyo.  Always very tough match, so I'm expecting the same.

Yeah, I'm looking forward.  It's great.

Q.  I know you love grass, but why is it as soon as you arrive here, doesn't matter what your form has been, you click into gear?

PETRA KVITOVA:  I don't know.  Maybe just Wimbledon.  (Laughter.)

I mean, I know that I'm playing well on the grass, so maybe it brings me some confidence.

Of course, when I'm playing the first matches for Eastbourne.  I'm never feeling that confident as when I'm coming here.

So definitely it's about the atmosphere and about the memories what I have.  But, yeah, I feel well and I'm feeling pretty confident.

Q.  How is your leg?

PETRA KVITOVA:  My leg is fine.  I mean, it's getting better.  I didn't find any pain, what is great.

Q.  So did it feel good from the outset today, or did it take a while to get warmed up?

PETRA KVITOVA:  No, it was fine from the beginning, so stayed like that.  I hope it's going to be good in the next match as well.

Q.  Do you have any superstitions here?  Do you do the same things you did in previous years?  Same restaurants?  Stay in the same house?

PETRA KVITOVA:  We have the same house as the last year and the year before.  It's not superstition really.  We just have a big house, what we need.

Q.  Same room?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Yeah, same room, of course.

Q.  Is it the biggest one?

PETRA KVITOVA:  It's the upper one.

We went just once or two times in the same restaurant we went last year.  That's it.

Q.  So no superstitions, but it makes you feel comfortable?

PETRA KVITOVA:  It's feel like home, yeah.  I know everything about the house, about everything around, so that's nice.

Q.  Do you watch TV?

PETRA KVITOVA:  We do a little bit.  Guys are watching soccer, so of course it's a big fight over there.

And some tennis, of course.

Q.  Can you describe your thoughts on the way Venus Williams is playing and the keys to a matchup with her for you?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Be honest, I did not see her play here.  I know that she won two matches.  That's good.  (Smiling.)

The keys I think is going to be very important to stay confident and play for every point, because I know that she can play really well.  She plays flat shots as me on the grass, and of course she has a big serve.

So I need to return that.

Q.  What about the history between you?  When you have played her, what's been the deciding point or the deciding aspect in your matches?

PETRA KVITOVA:  It's tough to say.  I mean, I remember last two matches when we played, and it's always big fight.  I think it's just about the smaller things and the key points in the match.

It's going to be very similar, I think.

Q.  Did you watch Venus winning Wimbledon growing up?

PETRA KVITOVA:  No, I didn't.  (Smiling.)  Actually, I didn't watch tennis too much in that time, so no.


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