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Lukas Rosol second round

Thursday 26 June 2014

Lukas Rosol speaks to the media following his 4-6, 7-6, 6-4, 6-4 defeat by Rafael Nadal

Q. How did you feel? What did you think was the turning point of the match? You were playing great in the second set. Some point even the set and then come the tiebreaker.

LUKAS ROSOL: Yeah, it was good game from both of us. Yeah, first set I play really good; second set was nothing bad from my side; the tiebreak was pretty 50/50, you know, if I turn it a little bit on my way.
Every point was tough, you know, for both of us. In the end he was more lucky. I make a double fault on the last point in the second set. Was pretty windy from the back.
But still, Rafa was playing really good. He didn't give me chance third, fourth set. Maybe last game in the match there was a small chance to go through again.
Yeah, but 2-0 up for the sets it's different story again. But 1-All, the match is still open.

Q. Having been in the same exact spot two years ago and getting a different result, as you went out there today, did you have a lot of positive feelings?

LUKAS ROSOL: Yeah, of course. I was not thinking if I can do it again if I can not do it again. I was trying to play just my game, concentrate every single point, and from the beginning was pretty good, everything was working.
But then a little bit change. Rafa change tactic at least, you know. At least that's what I feel from my side. I was not serving good then.
Third and fourth set I was really struggling on my serve. Not many first serves in. This one was the point, you know. Without serve then we start to play rallies, and that was his game.
So, yeah.

Q. Seemed that even by his standards the pace was kind of - especially when he was struggling - the pace was really slow. Did this ever bother you or get into your head at all?

LUKAS ROSOL: No. I think all the players should have same time, you know, between the points. But always best players, they're taking much more than the normal players, you know, and nobody is telling them nothing. I don't know why.
There was no chance to -- he was taking between the serves at least -- when the game starts it was not 30 seconds, you know. It was one minute always.
He is doing all his rituals. Somebody has to tell them something, because then -- yeah, but it's okay. It's not my fault. I just said to times to the referee if it's still okay, and he was saying to me, yes, it was fine.
But this is not the point why I lost today. No. Didn't bother me.
But the referee was not going with the rules. Yeah.

Q. You said he changed his tactics. What do you feel from your side changed about the way he was playing?

LUKAS ROSOL: I don't want tell this. I don't want to answer this question. For next match, I need to work on it.

Q. But did you...

LUKAS ROSOL: I recognize it. I recognize it and I had no answer. For the next match when we play him I'm going to do something special.

Q. Apart from the disappointing result, I mean, the fact that you pretty much gave him all he could handle on the Centre Court Wimbledon two years after beating him, does that encourage you as you go forward?

LUKAS ROSOL: Can you ask me again the question? I'm not sure if I understood.

Q. Do you find some positives even with the result today in how you fought against him?

LUKAS ROSOL: It was good game, you know, from my side. How I said already: If it's two sets up for me it's different story. Total different story. I think I'm going to win the match then if it's two sets up.
But I was feeling good. Until the last point I believe I can still win the match, because until the last point the game is open. I know how to change the second set; I didn't make.
It can change even if I make that fourth set. Still the game is open. So I was feeling pretty good physically, everything.

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