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Li Na third round

Friday 27 June 2014

Li Na speaks to the media following her 7-6, 7-6 defeat by Barbora Zahlavova Strycova.

Q. Tough day today obviously. What did you think was not working for you today?

LI NA: I think I make wrong decision. I need to play some matches before the big one.
You know, is not only about technique. I think sometimes I don't know how to play the point, especially in the important moment. I think today I make a lot of mistake.

Q. You're saying you should have played Birmingham or Eastbourne?

LI NA: I think I needed some matches before the big one, yeah.

Q. How do you see Wozniacki's chances against your opponent?

LI NA: Is not my business. I'm already out of tournament.

Q. How disappointing is this for you? Where do you think you lost the match?

LI NA: Where do I think I lost the match? Like I say, in important moment, I don't know how to, how you say, hit the ball to make the point, you know. I was always wait, wait to see if I was wish the opponent can make mistake. But today didn't work.

Q. Are you looking forward to getting back to hard courts after clay and grass?

LI NA: Finally I'm back to hard court, yeah.

Q. How much time will you take off before you get back to training?

LI NA: At least long, yeah. I think the earliest one is Montréal this year. I'll say Montréal, Cincinnati, yeah.

Q. Why did you make the decision not to play in Eastbourne or Birmingham? Was that a decision you took personally?

LI NA: Because I always play Eastbourne every year, but always rain, windy. I say, Okay, I cannot practice in that.
I make a decision. I say, Oh, maybe I should change a little bit. I come here pretty early to try to play on the grass court, yeah.

Q. You obviously had a great start to the year in Australia, good in Indian Wells, Miami. How much of the change the last month is surface or anything else?

LI NA: At least I'm doing good in hard court. Now I'm back to hard court again, yeah.

Q. You were one of only a few of multiple Grand Slam winners in the women's draw. Is it a negative for the women's game to not have repeat slam winners or is it good there's a lot of different girls in with a chance of winning?

LI NA: I don't think the women's tour is negative. Is positive. Everyone is working so hard. You can see now so many young players grow up.
Yeah, I think tennis improve a lot of, especially in the women's tour.

Q. Barbora made the final in Birmingham. What was she doing well particularly today?

LI NA: I think she find very good chance come to the net. Pretty good serve, I would like to say, today. I don't know how other day she play, but at least today she has very good serve, yeah.

Q. You went to the net quite a bit and it didn't work out all the time. Was that execution or decision making, do you think?

LI NA: No, I think I should be doing even more. If you used more, you get more feeling. If you worry to use or you less use, of course you didn't feeling well when special moment, yeah.

Q. If you got through the tiebreak, do you think you would have gone on to win the match?

LI NA: Absolutely, yes, yeah.

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