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Tomas Berdych third round

Friday 27 June 2014

Tomas Berdych speaks to the media following his 7-6, 6-4, 7-6 defeat to Marin Cilic

Q.  This was the latest finish ever in the history of Wimbledon on the outside courts.  How was it possible to extend?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, how was it possible?  This question doesn't go straight to me.  It should go somewhere else and not to me only.

I think there were more of the bad calls, not only this one.  And, yeah, that's how it is.  One day you get a bit more, I would say clear and smoother way of handling the matches; the other day you get much more difficult.

Today it was the other option.

Q.  Do you mind walking us through just the conversation you had?  Did you try and tell them you don't want to play?  Because it's not always clear to see it on TV.

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, basically, I mean, I lost all the will to talk to that guy anymore, you know.  I saw so many mistakes from him.  I ask him three times to change the guy.  All what he did, he was like, No, I mean, everybody can do the mistake.  It's a great linesman.  He's doing a great job, so give him a chance.

I said, All right, give him a chance.  That's no problem.  It's your call.  I already lost two games, which I should have the other way around.  Great.

Then the end of the match basically there was a third call, and then I look at the line.  I, look, and there was the same guy.  He just put him on another line.

So there was a change of the referee that I ask him so many times.  Really, I didn't even have the energy to talk to him when we should stop, because I would say 5-4 - yeah, or 4-3, he just told me, Well, the Hawk-Eye doesn't work because it's too dark.

So we don't have the Hawk-Eye anymore.  I said, All right, and we play more?  Yeah, you play.  That's fine.

So I just lost all the will to talk to him anymore.

Q.  There is no consistency there, is there?  If you go through a certain amount of the match using the Hawk???Eye and then it changes, is that something that frustrated you then?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I mean, okay, if I start the match on court where we don't have Hawk???Eye, it's how it is since the beginning.  But if somebody told me that some machine doesn't work just because of the light, that we don't have enough, so why we have to play?

I mean, when everybody is saying that the machine is always correct, it's always the best way and we cannot argue to that, which sometimes the calls are, you know, so???so, then why we have to play more?

Q.  Do you think when it's too dark to play, you know, and use Hawk-Eye that they should suspend play at the same time?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Yeah.  Why not?  Or at least, I don't know, make it work.  I think it's the technology, and if once we have something which should be working and then they gonna just tell you, No, it doesn't work because it's too dark, I mean, we can try to tell to the football guys that after 90 minutes they don't anymore have the video of the goal line because it's just 90 minutes...  (Smiling.)

Q.  Can you follow this up?  Would you try to speak to anyone officially?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  No.  Just don't make it too much of it.  I mean, it's how it is, you know.  Everybody has a good day, bad day.  Obviously this guy doesn't have a good day at all, and that's how it is.

Anyway, there was much more points in between which were great, and really I just need to say that Marin played really great tennis.  I played his this year already and it was completely different game.  You know, I didn't get a chance at all since the beginning, so I was just trying to hang in there.

But that's how it is.

Q.  I suppose no one minds losing if you're beaten by somebody who plays better than you and they deserve it.  Is it frustrating that this clouds it aside from that?  Like you say, he played very well, and it would be one thing if that was the only thing people were talking about.  But, obviously there is these other issues, as well.

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Always there's gonna be some other issues, as well.  Mainly it's about tennis.  And, I mean, he played well.  He deserved to win.

I mean, of course, this is the things that they of course affect the game, but it could affect it the other way, as well.

I could be the one who would be on the other side with more luck, but no, it's just how it is, you know.  It's one day it's like this.  The other one it's not the end of the world.

Q.  What didn't work for you today tennis???wise?  What did you chalk it up to?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, probably I'm going to need some more time just to think about it, because I don't really see really clearly that I would point one thing that I was just so bad or something really doesn't work out.

I mean, really Marin played really well.  I mean, I had some tactics, some strategy what's to bring to the game.  I kind of know what to expect from him.  He's done it really well, and that's it.

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