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Stan Wawrinka third round

Monday 30 June 2014

Stan Wawrinka speaks to the media following his 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 victory over Denis Istomin

Q.  Happy to get the match finished before the rain and another interruption?

STAN WAWRINKA:  Yeah, for sure.  First, was important to win.  But the way I play in three sets was perfect today for me, perfect start to do it quickly.  Playing well.

Q.  How was it for the match to be postponed from the Saturday?  What did you do in the meantime?

STAN WAWRINKA:  Practicing and resting, relaxing.  Nothing to do.  You just have to wait.  The rules here, you can't play the Sunday.

I knew I was going to play Monday.  If I was winning, then playing Tuesday again.  I was practicing well, just resting, take it easy.

Q.  Your coach said that it's not human to have to play to win this tournament five best-of-five-set matches in seven days.  How would you describe the road to the championship here given the delays?

STAN WAWRINKA:  I'm not looking about the final, I'm looking about the next match now.  I know if I want to get through, it's going to be a really tough week.

But taking day after day.  I was expecting a tough match today.  But I did play really well.  I'm happy with the way I'm playing, playing really aggressive.  Serving well to do it in three sets was perfect day, 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Now I'm going to take some treatment and rest and get ready for tomorrow.

Q.  In what way what you accomplished at the Australian Open help for you this major?

STAN WAWRINKA:  The confidence, my level, everything I did since the beginning of the year.  I'm playing my best tennis this year, so I'm happy with that.  I'm looking match after match.

Tomorrow is going to be a really tough match against Isner or López.  It's always going to be difficult to play them, especially on grass.  So I have to be ready for that match and see if I can get through or not.

Q.  Were you disappointed it was postponed on Saturday?  Do you think that decision may have given other players an unfair advantage this week?

STAN WAWRINKA:  For sure disappointed.  First, play five???set match, it's never easy.  But if you look for this week, me or López, Isner have to play three matches in three days, five???set match.  It's terrible for the body.

For sure I was disappointed.  I was expecting them to move matches, move maybe juniors or doubles, to make my match or Isner/López match first on when they start at 5:00 or 6:00 again when it stop raining.

Then you have to accept.  You cannot do anything.  You have to accept.  They do what they want and you just follow.

Q.  How will that affect if you play one of the other players in the semifinals later in the week that haven't gone through this?  Could have detrimental effect.

STAN WAWRINKA:  We'll see.  I don't have the answer.  I hope I'm going to be there, but it's going to be tough and I'm going to focus on tomorrow and that's it.

Q.  Roger was the last on Centre Court on Saturday, finished around 7:30.  Were you surprised they didn't put you on Centre Court to get the game completed?

STAN WAWRINKA:  Was tough decision to put one match because the good thing - if one thing they did well, they postpone my match and Isner/López match.  They had to all we play both match in the same times, and we try to finish in the same day or they move everything for Monday.  That's what they did.

Yeah, at the end, as I say, I was surprised they didn't move like doubles match, because they played doubles five???set match on Saturday on many courts.  So that was a surprise.

But then they took a decision, and you cannot do anything.

Q.  Is it fair to say grass is not your favorite surface?  Are you happier on it now at the moment?

STAN WAWRINKA:  It's not the surface that I have the best result.  Again, I will say when I lost, I still love to play on grass.  My game fit well on grass.  I'm feeling especially well.  I had more times before the tournament to get ready.

Yeah, I'm taking it match after match and we'll see.  But I'm not going to be happy if I'm going to lose tomorrow, that's for sure.

Q.  Did you have some discussion with the referees about the scheduling decision or they just told you and that was it?

STAN WAWRINKA:  They just say what's going to be the schedule and that's it.  Even if you want to talk to them, they're not going to change anything.  They don't listen the player.  They just do what they think is good for them.

Q.  What is your opinion about when it's getting dark and Hawk???Eye is not functioning?  Do you feel that's a time when they should stop the matches?

STAN WAWRINKA:  Yeah, I think it's a tough question.  I think it's tough because you don't have one rules.  Again, they choose what they want to do.

I was watching Cilic/Berdych was I think tough to play.  I agree maybe when the Hawk - Eye doesn't work anymore maybe they should stop, especially when it's a big match like Berdych/Cilic.  On grass it's tough to see exactly the balls and everything.

Then again, it's a question you can turn and turn again.

Q.  Do you remember the time when you were told that the match was postponed?


Q.  What was the time?

STAN WAWRINKA:  Good question.  I don't even remember.  Was late.  I don't remember.

I was surprised because they told us, but then they start to play all matches.  Was a perfect day to finish actually and they play so many matches.

Then they said for security reason, they didn't want to put our match on a small court.  But Nishikori was playing on small courts.  All the other match was playing on small courts.

Q.  You were told about the postponement long before the restart of the matches or just a few minutes before?

STAN WAWRINKA:  I don't remember.  I still don't remember.

Q.  If you have to play three matches in three days, is there any advantages that grass is the surface rather than hard court or clay?

STAN WAWRINKA:  I don't think so.  I think depends of the match.  If you play two matches in three sets and you pass them, then for sure it's better.

But on grass, it can be tricky for the body also.  If you start to play a long match, four???set, five???set match, it's tough for the back, it's tough for the legs.  I don't think it's an advantage to play on grass.

You spend less time, that's for sure.  But still it's complicated for the body.

Q.  If it's Isner that you play, how would you describe him as a player?  What are the biggest challenges about playing Isner for you?

STAN WAWRINKA:  To return his serve, that's for sure.  That's for all the player.

But I play him few time.  Never play him on grass.  But I beat him when was fast court, because I think he's struggling more to play from baseline when it's fast surface.  Especially on grass, if you can get to the rally, then it's tough for him to play.

But the big challenge is to return his serve.

Q.  You mentioned the rescheduling you thought was because it was good for them rather than good for you as players.  What do you mean by that?

STAN WAWRINKA:  No, I mean nothing special.  I'm just saying I'm used to it here.  They just do what they think is good for them and that's it.

Normally, if the player start to talk to the referee, they never change the decision.  So that's what I mean.  They just take decision and you have to accept it.

Q.  Do you feel in general as the No. 3 player in the world, Aussie Open champion, you're being treated unfairly at all in comparison with the other big four who get a chance at the big courts all the time?

STAN WAWRINKA:  No, no, I'm okay with that.  Doesn't matter where I'm playing.  If I play on Court 2, Court 1, Court 2 again, I think the rain - I was supposed to play on Court 1 on Saturday.

No, I think for me I'm okay.  I'm relaxed with that.  I don't care where I'm playing.

Q.  You took a bit of a tumble at one stage.  Everything okay physically?

STAN WAWRINKA:  Yeah, everything okay.

Q.  Roger said he wouldn't mind seeing a clock for the time between points to make sure some players don't take too long.  What are your views of this?

STAN WAWRINKA:  I can't know if I agree with him.  I think it will be interesting and good to see.

The thing also you can see so many players taking more time and taking too much time and they don't get anything from the umpire.  The only time they get something, then they come back to the press conference complaining about the umpire.

But I agree.  One year ago, ATP start to have a strict rule about the 25 second, but it last for what?  For nothing.  How many times you can see some players taking more time than the 25 seconds, getting one time violation, that's it.  Still playing for three hours, you can see on TV the stat, sometimes the average time is 28 or 30 seconds.

I think if you want to put a rule, then put it strict for all the player.

Q.  And is the clock the best way to do that?

STAN WAWRINKA:  I think so.  That's the only way because the umpire - if they are on small court, they're going to give time violation.  If they're on Centre Court, they're not going to give it.


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