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Sabine Lisicki fourth round

Monday 30 June 2014

Sabine Lisicki speaks to the media after her 6-4, 3-6, 6-1 victory against Ana Ivanovic.

Q. What adjustment did you make after the break today?

SABINE LISICKI: Oh, I think in general it was, you know, playing on Saturday, not playing on Sunday, coming back on Monday, starting, then the rain came, and then I think it was equal.
No, I had to serve well, which I didn't do when I came back in morning. I think that's what I did better in the third set.

Q. You said when you came off court it's so much fun to play out there. Is that a reference to your love for grass?

SABINE LISICKI: It is. It is. You know, the crowd knows my story here. I came here as a young girl and I came back from injury. It's a big story with Wimbledon.

So I love the support that I'm getting here. It's so much more enjoyable.

Q. Do you ever see the grass at home in Florida? Do you ever play on the grass in Florida?


Q. Do you have a lawn at your house?


Q. Both of you were very businesslike in between points. No messing around. No time wasting. Is that the way you like tennis played?

SABINE LISICKI: Why not? (Smiling.)

Q. Not always true of other players, both in the men's and women's game.

SABINE LISICKI: It's good, I think. You know, we both played well and we were both very focused.

I think that's how it should be.

Q. Does tennis make for a better spectacle when the players get on with it rather than...

SABINE LISICKI: What do you mean with that? Sorry, I don't understand the question.

Q. When players are businesslike and you play the game at a good tempo and there is no time wasting and bouncing the ball 23 times between points.

SABINE LISICKI: There are 20 seconds between the points, so that's how much you can take. You know, every player takes different amount. Some do 10, some 20. That's the way it is.

Q. In case you win against Shvedova you can meet Halep in the next round. Have you thought about it?

SABINE LISICKI: I'm playing tomorrow my next match.

Q. Why did you play so well in the third set? Were you happy about finishing with a second-serve ace?

SABINE LISICKI: It was a first serve.

Q. Was it?

SABINE LISICKI: Yes. It was on let. Yes, you know, I came back and I was more focused and I was serving better. I think that I used my chances.

With her, you have to be ready for every single point. If you have a chance you have to use it, otherwise it can be gone in no time and you might regret not having another chance.

So I think I was very focused in the third set using my chances and serving very well.

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