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Marin Cilic quarter-final

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Marin Cilic speaks to the media following his 6-1, 3-6, 7-6, 6-2, 6-2 defeat by Novak Djokovic.

Q.  Tough one today from the position you were in.  Do you feel it was a missed opportunity?

MARIN CILIC:  Yeah, I would say so.  Even though, I mean, third set Novak had a lot of chances my serve a couple times 15-40.  Eventually I made the break on 5-All, and then I hit the net on the first point at 6-5.

That changed the momentum around.  Lost my service game.  Then I eventually won that third-set tiebreak.

I felt it sort of took out a bit more energy than it should have for that third set.  Mentally, as well.

What was sad was the beginning of the fourth.  I gave him the opportunity to come back in the match.  He went to 3-Love, 4-Love lead in that fourth set.

From that moment I felt I need to, you know, come back in the game, but sort of I didn't have any chances to do that unfortunately.

Q.  Were you nervous at the start?  You didn't get going in the first set, did you?  Why was that?

MARIN CILIC:  Yeah, I just didn't open it up good.  I would say that my serve wasn't working as well as in the first four matches.  I mean, it's a bigger occasion.  Novak is returning better.  I don't know what decided for that.

But, yeah, Novak also played well in that first set.  I just missed more first serves, and then the second serve I didn't win many points.  Later I got into that rhythm and I felt very comfortable after that second set.

Just I felt that against these players, I mean, these top guys, you give them a chance to come back they don't let you come back anymore.  So that was, I think, disappointing in the end.

But, yeah, we all have to be satisfied.

Q.  Given all of the noise going on outside with the Andy Murray match, did you find that distracting at all?  Seemed like Novak was struggling with it a bit.

MARIN CILIC:  Yeah, it didn't bother me.  That noise was coming in the second set and third set where I felt I was playing well.  Nothing is going to distract you in those moments.

But I saw that Novak was complaining couple times.  I mean, it's nothing we can do about it on the court.  You have to just forget about it, if you can.

Q.  He changed his shoes at the start of the fourth set and it seemed to make quite a big difference.

MARIN CILIC:  I mean, when you play on the courts, the longer it goes, especially behind the baseline, that dry grass gets cut, and then on the top of the grass stays this part of the grass which then makes it slippery.

I slipped a couple times, but I don't think that made a big difference.

Q.  So it was a tough road, but you feel like you're moving forward compared to last year?

MARIN CILIC:  For sure.  I'm very happy with this 10 days.  Played very good tennis, maybe in some matches the best ever.  So I'm very satisfied with that and very positive for next tournaments.

I had a good chance today.  I mean, I played against one of the best in the world.  It feels a pity always when you have some chances and you lose, but, yeah, it's a big progress.

Q.  If you look at the rest of the players that are still in, do you think Novak is favorite now?

MARIN CILIC:  Yeah, I mean, I would say concerning my game, Novak has pretty similar game.  It's a tough matchup for me.  So I would say, I mean, Novak is slight favorite in this semifinal, even though Dimitrov is in great, great shape.

But it's a big occasion:  first time in the semis.  We're going to see how he deals with that.  He played great today.  He dealt with big pressure against Andy.

Federer is still there.

I mean, he's going to be favorite in that bottom part.


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