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Lucie Safarova semi-final

Thursday 3 July 2014

Lucie Safarova speaks to the media following her 6-2, 6-2 defeat by Petra Kvitova.

Q. When you came to the net to shake hands with Petra you were smiling almost as much as she was. It seemed like a very nice reaction. Was that a sign you were very pleased for her or just pleased with your effort or...

LUCIE SAFAROVA: Well, it was like we played already five times this year. She was just better there today. We had a really close first set; second set she was just a step better.

So it was a good run for me. I mean, it's the best result of my career. She's my friend, so once the match was done I just wished her all the best. I hope she's going to win it.

Q. Does it make it easier for you if you think her level was too good and there wasn't much you could do in the second set? Is it less disappointing in a way?

LUCIE SAFAROVA: Of course, I'm disappointed and of course I wanted to win today. I did my best. It didn't work out. There is always next chance.

Q. What do you think was behind your career-best tournament this week? What clicked for you at Wimbledon this year?

LUCIE SAFAROVA: I think it has to click always everything together.

First of all, I was healthy. I was feeling good on the court, like feeling the ball, playing really well, aggressive, going for my shots, serving well. I think I build up my game and was improving throughout the tournament.

Today was a good match and really nice experience to play the first time on the Centre Court. I hope it's not the last time.

Q. I wasn't able to see your match against Petra recently on grass. What made the difference between the two matches? Did she play better? Did you play worse?

LUCIE SAFAROVA: You mean the match in Eastbourne and here?

Q. Yes.

LUCIE SAFAROVA: No, I think both of the matches was like good tennis from both sides. The first set today, it was 8-6 in the tiebreak. It could go either way, so it was just about couple points.

Then she started to serve, and right away she broke me. It kind of pumped her up. Of course, for me it was disappointing right away to lose my serve.

There were couple close games still in the second set, but she took it. Just closed out.

Q. What are your oldest memories with Petra? Do you still remember when you saw her for the first time?

LUCIE SAFAROVA: Yeah, I remember when she was 14 and she was coming to Prostejov. She was very much like girl from a village basically. It was nice to see how she improved, because she did a huge improvement throughout few years. She's a top player.

Q. I think two or three weeks ago at Roland Garros you made your first fourth round for seven years, and now you've gone deep here at Wimbledon. Seems you've had a very good season overall. What is behind that?

LUCIE SAFAROVA: We'll, we've been working with my coach, I mean, on my game in general. I had a good pre-season in Florida. We did a lot of work there. I had a good run at the end of the season already in Asia. I kind of kept the level and even improved.

I had a good start in Australia. Lost in the beginning of the season quite a few tight matches to top-10 players. I'm happy that finally now I transfer it to big results.

Q. What about going forward now? You have a few weeks off and then the U.S. hard court season. Are you looking forward to that?

LUCIE SAFAROVA: Of course I'm looking forward. Right now I'm looking forward to rest. It's been a long run. I haven't been home for long. I'm going to take off, recover, and then I will again practice hard and hopefully come strong for the hard courts.

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