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Jelena Ostapenko - girls' singles final

Sunday 6 July 2014

J. OSTAPENKO/K. Schmiedlova
2-6, 6-3, 6-0

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please. 

Q.  How does it feel?
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  I feel really happy to win here because this tournament is great event. 
Yeah, I feel really happy that I could win this tournament, and I look forward for playing some next tournaments and also showing good results. 

Q.  Can you talk me through the match, what happened in the first set, how you changed your game and turned it around. 
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  I think in the first set I was a bit nervous.  But my opponent, she started the match really well and she was playing really good. 
I was doing some unforced errors.  Then I just tried to come back in the second set and to focus on every point, yeah, to get back my game. 
I helped me and I won. 

Q.  With the third set, did you feel more relaxed in yourself?
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  When it was in the second set, it was 4‑1 for me and then it was 4‑3 and then I was like a bit nervous because I was up in some games.  Yeah, when I won third set I just felt confident and tried to keep going. 

Q.  What did you think about playing in such a big stadium?
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  I think it's really nice.  A lot of people are supporting me and they're really nice. 
Yeah, it's great experience for me. 

Q.  How was this match different from last week at Roehampton?
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  I think my opponent, she maybe knew how to play against me or she did some research.  She played just much better today than last week, and I'm really happy that I could win. 

Q.  But you did win.  You seem to feel like the grass is tailor made for your game?
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  Yes, is fast surface.  You have to serve well and play very aggressive.

Q.  What are you going to wear to the ball? 
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  I don't know.  I will see.  Some dress, something, whatever I can wear.

Q.  Can you give me a few words on what winning the Wimbledon title means to you?  What are the things you like in particular about Wimbledon?
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  I love here everything because I think it's one of the best Grand Slams.  The atmosphere here is really nice.  The people are really nice.  Also the grass courts.  That everyone is playing in white clothes.  I think it looks really nice. 
Yeah, for me it means a lot.  Maybe after winning junior Grand Slam I will try to improve my ranking in WTA and try to in the end of the year be maybe in the top 300, 200 in WTA. 
I think it's good experience to step, yeah. 

Q.  Do you have any plans to play more junior slams or will you concentrate solely on WTA?
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  I will play some WTA events, like ITF pro circuits.  I'm planning on playing theEuropean championships, then you have Olympic Games.  I think US Open will be my last junior event. 

Q.  Two years ago Eugenie Bouchard sat right where you're sitting.  Now she has been in a Wimbledon final.  Do you think you can make a rise that quickly?
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  I will try my best.  But I think she improved really a lot and she's one of the best players in the tour now. 
Yeah, and I think I have to maybe follow her and try to do the same what she did. 

Q.  Can you give me some words about how it feels to be giving this press conference?  Were you nervous coming in here?
JELENA OSTAPENKO:  No, I was not nervous because I don't know.  I had already some interviews, so I'm not nervous.  I'm fine. 
But it's really nice, this room. 

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