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2015 Tickets - Essential Information


There are FOUR ways to obtain tickets for The Championships 2015:

--> The Ballot

--> The Queue

--> Ticketmaster (see below for details). 

--> Official hospitality packages available from Keith Prowse and Sportsworld.  

PLEASE NOTE: Other than Ticketmaster, The AELTC does not have any authorised ticket-only agents who sell tickets on the internet.

If you are in any doubt as to whether the tickets or packages which you are proposing to purchase are valid for entry to The Championships please contact the AELTC Ticket Office.

The AELTC cannot guarantee that tickets purchased other than from itself or authorised agents will be valid or will gain entry.  Customers who buy tickets from other sources do so at their own risk.


  • In September 1990 measures were introduced to minimise the black market sale of tickets:
    - To prevent tickets destined for tennis fans from being redirected to the highest bidder. 
    - To curb the black market in Wimbledon tickets, particularly with regard to unofficial corporate hospitality companies who acquire tickets from this source.
  • Under these conditions, all Wimbledon tickets, apart from Debentures which are clearly marked, will only be valid if sold either by The All England Lawn Tennis Club or by one of its licensed and authorised agents. Unauthorised sale or transfer of tickets immediately invalidates them.
  • The AELTC takes active steps to monitor and control sales including those made via shops and internet sites.

     Sellers of non-Debenture tickets will be contacted and sellers found to be in breach of AELTC ticket policy may be banned from receiving tickets in the future as well as being subject to legal action.

  • Where the details of tickets being advertised for sale are known, the tickets are cancelled meaning that the purchasers will not gain entry to The Championships.
Please watch the BUY SMART, BE HAPPY video below for guidance on avoiding touting.

2015 ticket availability and prices


Owing to huge demand for Wimbledon tickets, the Public Ballot (since 1924) is still regarded as the fairest way to distribute Show Court tickets. It is open to everyone and remains substantially oversubscribed. See Ballot for more information.

A limited number of tickets for Centre, No.1, No.2 Courts and Grounds Admission can be purchased on the day at the turnstiles. These tickets cannot be booked in advance of the days which they are used and can be purchased only via The Queue.

Play is scheduled to begin at 1pm on Centre Court on days 1-11, and at 2pm on the final Saturday and Sunday. On No.1 Court, play is scheduled to begin at 1pm on all 13 days.

2015 Show Court Prices (£)






1st Week


Mon 29 June





Tues 30 June





Wed 1 July





Thurs 2 July





Fri 3 July





Sat 4 July






2nd Week


Mon 6 July





Tues 7 July





Wed 8 July





Thurs 9 July




Fri10 July



Sat 11 July



Sun 12 July




* The last four days on Centre Court are not sold at the turnstiles.
** Available via Ticketmaster online sales, not at the turnstiles. 

All prices for Centre, No.1 and No.2 Courts include admission to the Grounds. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Smoking is prohibited within the stands of Centre, No.1, No.2 and No.3 Courts and on Courts 12 and 18.

Grounds Admission passes allow access to unreserved seating and standing on Courts 3-19. The Grounds are open from 10.30am daily until one hour after the close of play or 11pm, whichever is earlier. Play is scheduled to begin on the outside courts at 11.30am, apart from the Junior matches from Middle Saturday at 11am.

2015 Grounds Admission Prices (£) 

 Before 5pmAfter 5pm
Monday 29 June – Monday 6 July£25£18
Tuesday 7 July – Thursday 9 July£20£14
Friday 10 July – Saturday 11 July£15£11
Sunday 12 July£8£5

PLEASE NOTE: Entry at any time is subject to Grounds capacity, which does vary. Spectators may only be admitted as people leave, subject to weather / conditions of the Grounds. 

Online Daily Ticket Sales:

  • Several hundred Centre Court and No.3 Court tickets are sold online on the day before play via Ticketmaster on www.ticketmaster.co.uk
  • Details will be communicated initially to those people who have registered for regular Wimbledon e-mail newsletters. Click here to register.

    NB As The Championships are a hugely popular and over-subscribed event, these tickets often sell out almost immediately after going on sale.

Other Allocations:

  • Tickets are also allocated to Schools Tennis, British Tennis Membership, overseas tennis federations/associations for distribution to their affiliated clubs etc and other organisations with special claims. Visit the LTA website Ballot pages.
  • 2500 Debenture seats on Centre Court and 1000 on No.1 Court. See Debentures for more information.
  • Newmarket Holidays offer a range of packages, such as Coach-inclusive breaks for finals weekend, which include No.1 Court ticket, coach and overnight hotel (with hotel/Wimbledon coach transfers), from nationwide pick-up points, and Make-Your-Own-Way breaks over the finals weekend, which include No.1 Court ticket and overnight hotel (with hotel/Wimbledon coach transfers). 


Tickets are available for corporate hospitality and overseas package tours through the AELTC and its official licensed agents, Keith Prowse and Sportsworld.

See Hospitality Information Sheet for further information.


Resale of Used Tickets

  • Every effort is made to ensure seat tickets that are no longer needed are made available for resale from the Ticket Resale Kiosk to people already within the Grounds. Original ticket holders are asked to put unwanted tickets in special red boxes for collection by the Honorary Stewards or, if wishing to retain them as souvenirs, to have the barcodes scanned on leaving the Grounds so that a new ticket may be generated.
  • Since 1954, over £2 million has been raised. In 2015, the entire proceeds will be donated via the Wimbledon Foundation’s grant programmes to charities and community organisations. Recipients include charities in the London Boroughs of Merton and Wandsworth, and Services’ benevolent funds.
  •  HSBC, the Official Bank of The Championships, has agreed to donate in 2015 a sum equal to the total amount raised by the Ticket Resale scheme.

Cancellation of Play Due to Rain

Details of the Raincheck policy introduced in 2001 are as follows and apply to all 13 scheduled days of The Championships, including the final Sunday.

i.        If there is less than one hour's play because of rain on the court for which tickets have been bought, the original purchasers of the tickets for that court on that day will be refunded with the amount which they paid for those tickets - the maximum refund payable will be the face value of the tickets for the day concerned.

ii.        Purchasers of Grounds passes at the turnstiles (except those purchased after 5pm) will be eligible for a full refund if, due to rain, the average amount of play on those courts accessible with a Grounds pass and for which play was originally scheduled is less than one hour.

iii.        If there is more than one hour's play, but less than two hours' play, refunds will be limited to half the amount paid.

iv.        The Referee's decision on how much play has taken place will be final.

v.        Only the original purchasers are eligible for refunds under this policy.  Refunds will be paid out automatically for tickets bought in advance, but tickets bought at the turnstiles (prior to 5 p.m. only) should be returned without delay to: TheTicket Office, AELTC, "Raincheck", PO Box 98, London SW19 5AE.

vi.        In view of the numbers that could be involved, please do not call at the AELTC's Ticket Office or telephone the AELTC.

vii.        Tickets purchased at the Ticket Resale kiosk are not covered by this policy as the monies are passed to charity.

viii.        Separate terms and conditions apply a) to Debenture Holders as notified by The All England Lawn Tennis Ground plc and b) to any extra days of play.

Important note:

Refunds are calculated as defined above and using the Referee’s record of how much play has taken place on any given day. It is this official figure which determines whether or not customers are entitled to refunds,  rather than the amount of play which an individual spectator may have seen.


Babies and children

Babes in arms and Children under 5

  • We recommend that babes in arms and pushchairs are not brought to The Championships as the Grounds are large and crowded.
  • A ticket is not required for those under 5. 
  • Babes in arms and children under 5 are NOT allowed into the Show Courts (Centre, No.1, No.2 & No.3 Courts and Courts 12 & 18).
  • A limited number of baby changing facilities are available but there are no facilities for mothers to ‘express’ milk.

Children 5 years and over

  • A ticket (full price) is required.
  • Children under the age of 16 must attend with an adult and be supervised appropriately 
  • Children over 5 and under 12 are allowed into all courts PROVIDED THEY ARE ACCOMPANIED by an adult AT ALL TIMES,  they have their own seat and DO NOT DISTURB OTHER SPECTATORS

Conditions of Sale

  1. Tickets shall not be resold or transferred (save as mentioned in (2) below) and shall not be purchased or obtained from or through any person, commercial agent, company or otherwise than directly by the applicant from The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships) Limited ("AELTC") or its authorised agent. Any tickets advertised for sale will be void.
  2. If more than one ticket is issued to an applicant those tickets may be used only by the applicant and the person intending to accompany that applicant to and at The Championships. The provision of such ticket by an applicant to such person without payment shall not contravene the above.
  3. Tickets are issued subject to Conditions of Entry established by the AELTC from time to time and the AELTC shall be entitled to refuse admission to any ticket holder in reasonable circumstances and shall give written reasons if requested. See Conditions of Entry below.
  4.  Any ticket obtained in breach of these Conditions shall be void and all rights conferred or evidenced by such ticket shall be nullified. Any person seeking to use a ticket obtained in breach of these Conditions in order to gain or provide entry to or remain at The Championships will be a trespasser and will be ejected and liable to legal action.
  5. Tickets remain the property of the AELTC at all times.
If you are unable to use the ticket(s) issued to you, please contact the organisation from whom you purchased the ticket(s) as soon as possible. In many circumstances, providing that tickets are returned prior to the day of play, the AELTC, and those bodies to whom it issues tickets, are able to operate a flexible returns / refund policy.

Conditions of Entry


Entry to the Grounds of the All England Lawn Tennis Club requires a valid ticket, authorised voucher or pass issued by or on behalf of The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships) Limited  (“AELTC”), which must be retained at all times and implies acceptance of the following conditions which have been established for the safety and enjoyment of all our visitors and may be amended from time to time:

The AELTC reserves the right to limit items which may be brought into the Grounds and to search bags, vehicles and the person before granting entry to the Grounds and other specific facilities within the Grounds.

The following items are prohibited from the Grounds:  

  1. Any bag exceeding 16" x 12" x 12" (40cm x 30cm x 30cm);        
  2. Hard-sided items of any size;
  3. Any item which may be interpreted as a potential weapon including sharp or pointed objects (e.g. knives, large corkscrews) and ‘personal protection’ sprays;
  4. Large flags (over 2’ x 2’), banners, rattles, klaxons or oversized hats;
  5. Any objects or clothing bearing political statements or commercial identification intended for ‘ambush marketing’.

Visitors in possession of prohibited items may be refused entry or ejected from the Grounds. Prohibited items may be left in the Left Luggage facilities outside the Grounds or handed to AELTC security staff for disposal.

Alcohol may be brought into the Grounds but is limited to the equivalent of one bottle of wine or two 500ml cans of beer per person. The consumption of alcohol is permitted only in public bars and other authorised areas. Glass drinking vessels may not be used on the Show Courts; all drinks taken onto the Show Courts must be covered to avoid spillage. Hot and/or strong smelling food may not be taken onto the Show Courts. The AELTC reserves the right to refuse entry to the stands of any court to anyone carrying alcohol and to ask anyone drinking alcohol in the stands to leave.

The use of any annoying or dangerous behaviour, foul or abusive language or obscene gestures, the removal of shirts or any clothing likely to cause offence and the climbing onto any building, wall or other structure/equipment and the use of wheeled footwear is forbidden and may result in ejection from the Grounds.

Unauthorised persons are not permitted on the courts at any time.

The use of photographic equipment must not inconvenience any other person in the Grounds. Still photographs, film, videotape or other audio-visual material recorded within the Grounds may not be sold or used commercially in any way whatsoever unless authorised by the AELTC and may be confiscated by the AELTC  if such sale or commercial use is suspected. AELTC shall own all intellectual property rights in materials taken or recorded in the Grounds. 

The use of mobile telephones, computers, tablets or other electronic devices, communication devices, audio-visual equipment or radios must not inconvenience any other person in the Grounds; in particular they must be SWITCHED OFF in and around the courts in play. Personal headphones must be used when listening to radios inside the Grounds. Betting is prohibited in the Grounds at all times.

Championships tickets may not be bought, sold or distributed without lawful authority.

During the Wimbledon fortnight, various filming, photography and broadcasting takes place. By your presence at The Championships, you grant your permission for your likeness and voice to be included in pictures and/or on film and their exploitation and advertising without compensation or credit.

The AELTC reserves the right for its authorised employees, agents, contractors and police officers to remove from the Grounds any person who contravenes the above 'Conditions of Entry' and any person whose presence and/or behaviour in the Grounds could reasonably be construed as dangerous, a nuisance or annoyance to any other person in the Grounds.


Ticket Distribution

  • Demand for Wimbledon tickets has exceeded supply for much of The Championships' history.
  • Wimbledon's policy has always been to ensure that tickets are allocated fairly. The current policy is based on the following principles:
    • Even though all tickets could be sold in advance, a number of prime tickets from the public allocation should be reserved and made available for sale on the day.
    • Debentures offered so as to fund the continual upgrading of the facilities.
    • Less than 10% of Centre/No.1 Court seats reserved for the official hospitality market.
    • Money raised from all ticket sales contributes to the surplus that is passed annually to The Lawn Tennis Association for investment in the British game.
    • The existing allocations represent a fair balance of all interests. In 2012, these were:






Includes the annual Public Ballot, tennis players/members in LTA-affiliated tennis clubs across Great Britain Schools, and on-day sales.




Introduced in 1922 to finance the purchase of the new ground in Church Road. Money raised from Debentures has enabled facilities at The Championships to be improved without reducing the annual surplus passed to the LTA.




Hospitality, both private and corporate, is provided by the AELTC and its official licensed agents.




Schools, players, press, LTA Council photographers and television, Royal Box, officials, AELTC members, overseas tennis associations, etc.







More information

The Ticket Office is open for all ticketing queries, including the Public Ballot. Normal opening hours for the Ticket Office are Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 17.00 (excl. Bank Holidays).

Tel: +44 (0)20 8971 2473 (UK); +44 (0)20 8971 2386 (Overseas)

Fax: +44 (0)20 8971 2528 (UK); +44 (0)20 8971 2528 (Overseas).

Please Note: The Ticket Office is available for all ticket and ballot enquiries but is NOT a Box Office. We do not sell or reserve tickets over the telephone.

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