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The 2015 Poster

Wimbledon Awaits, Yulia Brodskaya, 2015

The Official Poster for The Championships 2015 brings together the traditions of Wimbledon in a beautiful tennis-ball shaped design which has the new start date, one week later from 2015 onwards, at its heart.

Created by Russian paper artist Yulia Brodskaya, the poster brings to life many of Wimbledon's most famous icons, from the grass to the strawberries, the trophies and umbrellas, the flowers and fruit.

The original artwork and the poster itself are both on display in the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum's current exhibition, Powerful Posters: Tennis and Advertising, 1893-2015. 

Brodskaya’s style is to create ‘paper graphics’, by rolling, cutting and folding paper, and took great enjoyment in bringing to life the heritage of Wimbledon, her first venture into sports. 

“I'm very excited to work on this year’s Wimbledon poster," Brodskaya commented.

"It was lots of fun, and hard work as well, trying to incorporate all the iconic tournament elements into one three-dimensional composition that actually reads as a giant tennis ball."

"I knew some, I do watch it most of the years, but there are things that I found that was quite new for me, so I did some research to see what elements I could use for my design and I tried to incorporate most of the iconic things of Wimbledon."

"My favourite is maybe the umbrella...it's hard to see at first but once you've spotted it you won't forget it!"

The official poster has been a commemorative part of Wimbledon history ever since 1894, and became particularly famous when it was featured throughout the London Tube network.

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